NFL DFS: Bills offense and defense can shine in Week 7 contests

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are next in line to take advantage of what could be a historically bad Miami Dolphins team, on both sides of the ball. Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire

Winning DFS lineups are made by picking the best possible values at every position while also maximizing your salary cap. Every week, we evaluate all of your FanDuel options to allow you to do that, identifying the best values while also letting you avoid the worst and select the players who are worth their high price tags. Value is determined by the number of FanDuel points you can expect for every dollar invested in putting that player in your lineup. A "poor" DeShaun Watson may yet outscore a "great" Gardner Minshew II, but at the price you had to pay for Watson, Minshew may be the better value because of the other players you were able to fit in your lineup thanks to his low cap hit.

Players considered to be a "Great" value are those in the 90th percentile of projected value picks for the week. "Good" plays are in the 75th percentile or better. "Average" plays span the 25th to 74th percentiles, while "Shaky" players are in the 10th-24th percentiles. "Poor" picks encompass single-digit percentiles. Only players projected to score 4 points or more are displayed.

Player salaries are drawn from the DraftKings and FanDuel main Thursday all-games contests and are based on the ESPN player projections available at the time of publication.

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