Aaron Hernandez's new TE role

Aaron Hernandez has assumed additional responsibilities with Rob Gronkowski out of the Pats' lineup. AP Photo/Jim Mahoney

After another week of NFL action, it's time to take a look inside the world of playing time and snap counts via the in-depth data at Pro Football Focus.

The NFL now makes basic snap data available to anyone willing to open a game book, but only Pro Football Focus can take you far deeper into those numbers and tell you what players were doing on any given snap, where they were lining up and what it means.

With injuries mounting and several teams altering their offensive game plans to become more effective, let's take a look at what snap counts tell us about fantasy implications surrounding Aaron Hernandez's new role with Rob Gronkowski out, how the Steelers managed their stable of running backs and what the Bengals did to cover their injuries at wide receiver.

Every-down Aaron Hernandez

With no Gronkowski last week, the Patriots needed to replace both his production in the passing game and his blocking prowess, which unfortunately required Hernandez to play a little more like a conventional tight end.