Potential 2013 QB keeper picks

Peyton Manning has had a terrific season in Denver. Should he be a fantasy keeper at QB in 2013? Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Last week's Fantasy Foresight reviewed the future prospects for a number of running back keeper options.

This week, the emphasis will be on quarterback keeper prospects. An important aspect in determining the short-term value of a quarterback keeper pick is the relative schedule strength of the 2013 season, so each passer's review will include a list of nondivisional opponents for that campaign.

Peyton Manning

Broncos 2013 non-divisional opponents: Jacksonville, Houston, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, New York Giants, New England and the AFC North first-place team

It is normally not a good idea to use a roster spot on a quarterback who will be 37 years old at the start of the season, but Manning is an exception to the rule. Despite going through some early season struggles, he ranks fifth in quarterback fantasy points, has posted route-depth metrics that are markedly superior to what he posted in 2010 and recently claimed the top spot in Ron Jaworski's quarterback rankings.