Why Brady isn't a top-5 fantasy QB

Tom Brady has been a consistently great fantasy QB. But is he in for a decline this season? Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire

Over the past three seasons, it has been a given that Tom Brady will be one of the top three quarterbacks in fantasy football.

After his playoff exit last season, though -- coupled with a rough offseason for the Pats -- it's time to question whether Brady will continue to rank on that level of top fantasy quarterbacks.

As good as Brady was last year in terms of fantasy point production (329, tied for second most in the league), it would have taken only a 26-point decline to see him fall from tied for second among quarterbacks to fifth.

This shows the competition is quite tough and indicates it will likely take more than just a repeat performance for Brady to keep his top-three status.

The odds of that occurring are quite low, as there are many factors pointing toward Brady having a drop-off from his 2012 level.