Fantasy impact of Harvin injury

The most potentially impactful personnel move this offseason may have been the Seattle Seahawks' acquisition of Percy Harvin.

Harvin's dangerous level of perimeter quickness potentially serves as a great change of pace to Marshawn Lynch's inside power rushing. He also could add much-needed intermediate-level route depth help to an offense that needed an upgrade on those types of throws (12.9 yards per attempt on medium-depth passes last year, tied for 16th).

From a fantasy perspective, this collection of skills was seen as a potential boon to quarterback Russell Wilson and explains why a quarterback who finished 11th in fantasy quarterback points last year is currently averaging a No. 8 overall quarterback draft ranking in ESPN live drafts.

Now that Harvin could be out for a while with a hip injury (he's getting a second opinion next week in New York), it has to be expected that Wilson's fantasy value will decline by enough that he should start falling back in those same draft rooms.

But a closer look at this situation shows that even if Harvin misses extended time, while damaging from a team perspective, it should not have that big of an impact on Wilson's 2013 fantasy football prospects.