Top 5 undervalued fantasy TEs

The Giants, and fantasy owners, are hoping Brandon Myers is the latest in a line of productive TEs. Jim O'Connor/USA TODAY Sports

The value of fantasy football tight ends this year flattens out very quickly after Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are taken off draft boards.

The similar worth of the next tier of tight ends may make it seem like one pick is just as good as another, but this mindset is causing a number of players to be undervalued.

This third part of a four-part series -- the first two parts can be accessed by clicking on the links above -- looks to help fantasy owners benefit from this by identifying some tight ends who fit that undervalued description.

Here are the five most undervalued fantasy tight ends:

1. Brandon Myers

Current ESPN live draft ADP: 110.9
Current ESPN live draft positional rank: No. 11
The Football Scientist (TFS) positional rank: No. 4

Myers scored 97 fantasy points playing in Oakland in 2012, a total that ranked 10th in tight end scoring, and was only six points away from placing in the top seven at the position. His 13.2 vertical yards per attempt (VYPA) on 30 targets gave him nearly equal vertical stats to Vernon Davis (25 targets, 340 yards, 13.6 VYPA), and Davis is currently rated as the No. 5 tight end in ADP. (Note: Vertical passes are aerials thrown 11 or more yards downfield.)