Fantasy QB draft debates

Tom Brady gave us a scare this week, but he and Josh McDaniels have been a productive pairing. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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"Get ready for Hassel-Vick!"

That's what my New York Giants teammates on the defensive side of the ball joked as I got ready for practice. Believe it or not, out of the QB options on the roster, I was the best fit as a stand-in for Michael Vick. Yep, comb-over and all, it was me.

The other option was the "Hefty Lefty" Jared Lorenzen, and while he was left-handed like Vick and could fire a pass as hard as Vick, let's put it nicely and say that the running advantage was mine.

So I prepared as much as possible to get through practice without injuring myself. I ran around like crazy doing my best impersonation and immediately hit the cold tub after practice.

Back then, Vick was the only true runner at quarterback that anyone feared. Nowadays, there seems to be one in almost every division. The running quarterback has become somewhat commonplace, and so has its fantasy value and success. Let's face it: Having a QB who can deliver fantasy production with his feet has become the great equalizer.

That brings us to this season's fantasy draft. When faced with a decision between a classic drop-back guy and one of the running QBs, which direction should you go? Here is my take on some particularly interesting debates between three pairs of QBs with contrasting styles that are being drafted in similar spots thus far.

The Debates

Tom Brady, New England Patriots
ADP: 22.9, No. 4 QB


Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
ADP: 31.3, No. 5 QB