Chip Kelly's fantasy impact

What fantasy impact will Chip Kelly's revamped Eagles offense have on Michael Vick & Co.? AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The most anticipated arrival from the college ranks to the NFL in 2013 may not be top draft choice Eric Fisher, the Chiefs' new right tackle, or even more exciting prospects such as former West Virginia star Tavon Austin or Tyrann Mathieu, the talented former LSU safety known as the "Honey Badger."

Nope, the college cast-off that everyone in the NFL may be most eager to see in regular-season action is former Oregon and new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the mastermind behind an offensive juggernaut that routinely carved up opposing Pac-12 defenses during his time navigating the Ducks' offensive operation.

Kelly's blistering offensive tempo, catalyzed by a speed-based rushing attack, was far too much for most any NCAA defense to handle, but the NFL is a different beast, and some have wondered whether Kelly can buck the seemingly common occurrence of college coaches falling short at the pro level.

We've seen glimpses of what Kelly's offense will look like in two preseason games, and taking in a week's worth of joint practices against the Patriots provided a stronger grip on how Kelly will orchestrate his offense this season.

Some have assumed Kelly's offense in Philadelphia will replicate that which he ran at Oregon. To a degree, that's a safe assumption, as the most basic of tenets will remain the same. More precisely, Kelly's offense will again boil down to exposing numerical advantages -- create matchups featuring one defender having to account for two offensive players, for example, and exploiting them. But will those offensive advantages translate into big fantasy production for Philly's players?

Here's a look at how Kelly -- and his new Eagles offense -- will impact the team's four core offensive positions from a fantasy perspective.