Top fantasy rookies update

Green Bay's Eddie Lacy and Denver's Montee Ball are the cream of the fantasy rookie crop. AP Photo, USA TODAY Sports

In my first attempt to line up the rookie class, Pittsburgh running back Le'Veon Bell was ranked in the top three. As a likely starter running behind an improved offensive line for a team that's going to run the ball, I liked Bell's chances to be productive early. But Bell has already experienced more than one setback in the preseason, and he could be limited early on. Needless to say, I'm due for an adjustment.

For experienced fantasy players, it pretty much goes without saying that rookies are rarely early draft targets. For a lot of you, this is either about adding depth or a player who could turn into a late-season value explosion as injuries pile up. And for those in keeper leagues, this is talent to draft and put on the shelf. But make no mistake, a lot of these guys are going to be big-time producers.

With preseason nearing its close, here's how I have the top 20 fantasy rookies lined up.

1. Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay Packers

If he stays healthy, Lacy should lead the team in carries, will add yards running with late leads and is, without question, the best goal-line option on the roster. They drafted him with the intent to use him. No Packers RB exceeded 135 carries last season. A healthy Lacy should get 200 or more.