Is T.Y. Hilton a fantasy starter?

Indianapolis wide receiver T.Y. Hilton may have some more big weeks left in him this season. AP Photo/Brent R. Smith

Opinions can change pretty quickly, both in the world of sports and otherwise. Let's take a trip back to my days as a ball boy for the New England Patriots to give you an example.

This was a summer job for me back in high school, and it was pretty cool. I'd live in the dorms with the rest of the team, and it was almost like I was in training camp along with the players. It wasn't very glamorous, though. We'd do the dirty work around the clock, including washing a lot of disgusting gear that was caked in mud and blood. (I'm actually getting a little sick just thinking about it.)

Some of the players took really good care of the ball boys, though. If you managed their stuff well and made sure their lockers were squared away, they'd often give you a nice tip at the end of camp.

Drew Bledsoe was heading into his second year in the league that summer, and one day he called me over, gave me his car keys and told me to go grab a folder for him that was in the glove compartment. The entire walk out to the car I'm thinking, "How lazy is this guy? Why can't he just get the folder himself?"

After bringing the folder back in to Drew, I walked away, still kind of sulking, when he told me to hold on a second. I turned around and he handed me 10 $100 bills.

Instant change of opinion!

For a 17-year-old Tim Hasselbeck, $1,000 was a lot of money, and it made me change the way I thought of Bledsoe just minutes before.

In fantasy football terms, maybe some players you drafted this season have been tossing their dirty laundry at you up to this point, and you're getting frustrated. But a big payday could be just around the corner.

What I'm seeing

If you drafted T.Y. Hilton this season -- either as a starting WR or flex option -- you might feel as though he's been sending you out to the car over and over again without any payoff. But in Week 5, he gave everyone who kept the faith a nice reward: His 26 points in ESPN standard scoring ranked fourth overall for the week.