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Actor/comedian Bernie Mac is one of America's most recognizable and revered television and film figures. The "Bernie Mac Show," based on the real-life experiences of the Chicago native, is one of the top-rated sitcoms on the air. The show has earned several prestigious honors, including Emmy and Peabody Awards, and Bernie Mac has won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Comedy Central recently named Bernie Mac one of the Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time.

Bernie Mac is also a lifelong sports enthusiast, with deep emotional ties to the Bears and White Sox. So it is only natural that sports often play a central role in his career. His portrayal of self-centered fictional slugger Stan Ross in "Mr. 3000" earned him a Black Reel Award. The "Bernie Mac Show" now appears in nationwide syndication and is going strong in its fifth season. So when fantasy football became the subject of a recent episode, it not only was directly linked to Bernie Mac's great love of sports, it was also a salute to the popularity of the game from one of TV's biggest stars.

"I'm really on top of how popular fantasy football is, and I keep monitoring it," Bernie Mac said. "I'm a big fan of football and so is everyone on my set. I wanted to show people the unique atmosphere of the sports pubs in Chicago, because there's nothing like them anywhere else. My son-in-law is always talking to me about fantasy football and trying to get me involved. I might start to play next year. I'm contemplating it. I already have a lot of knowledge about it."