Fantasy Chat Wrap: July 25

Eric Karabell: (10:01 AM ET ) Hello all and welcome to another fantasy chat. Today was meant to be the first Tuesday fantasy football chat, but there are also baseball questions in here, so I will handle each. So, let's get moving. Any questions?

Jason LA: Permission to Dump???...(the injured) D Lee, Godzilla, Shef, Kent, Harden, Rios???

Eric Karabell: (10:04 AM ET ) I wrote about Derrek Lee yesterday, before he was placed back on the disabled list with more wrist discomfort. Honestly, if I'm the Cubs, I'm wondering if it's even worth bringing Lee back for the final six weeks. The team is going nowhere. Lee is critical to the team's future. But you know that won't happen. Can't dump any of these guys. Matsui comes back soon, Rios even sooner. Harden might be in the bullpen. Kent should return in a few weeks and be OK at 2B. Sheffield should take the longest, and won't be himself. But these guys can all be productive, so you can't really risk dumping any.