Fantasy Chat Wrap: July 26

Eric Karabell: (10:01 AM ET ) Hello all and welcome to another fantasy sports chat. We'll be discussing fantasy baseball and football today, and I'll get to as many questions as I can. So, let's go!

Brad, Columbus OH: First to clarify the many questions, Eddie had a sore forearm, and is still the closer. Second 12 team football league, who would you keep when you don't have a first round pick, McNabb or Westbrook?

Eric Karabell: (10:02 AM ET ) Thanks, that is obviously a concern today, why the lefty Bray got Cincy's save and not Everyday Eddie. As of now, we don't think it's serious, but Guardado isn't young, either. On football, I keep Westbrook over McNabb, every time. Keep the running back. Westbrook is a late first round pick in some leagues, McNabb goes in round 4 or later.