Carroll's Injury Chat

Will Carroll: Greetings all. We're in that "dead zone" of media hype and spring training prep where the serious fantasy player is either re-introducing himself to the family or getting ready for the baseball draft. I know which one you are if you're here. Let's talk some football, some baseball, and whatever else happens to come up over the next hour. I've got a full cup of coffee so let's go.

Thomas Lee: What will be the first ten picks for fantasy football?

Will Carroll: Ten? Wow, that's asking a lot, but I'll try. Clearly LaDainian Tomlinson is #1. He's a no brainer next year (just like I said he was this year!) Larry Johnson's going to be #2 in many leagues, but he had too many carries. Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Joseph Addai will be some combination of 3-4-5. I think 6 is where you have to start thinking about Peyton Manning, especially if he has a Super Bowl ring. 7-10 would be something like Shaun Alexander, Vince Young, Willie Parker and Brandon Jacobs. Maurice Jones-Drew could mix in there as well.