Carroll's Injury Chat

Will Carroll: Greetings all. If the Super Bowl is the indicator that Spring Training is very close, I hope warm is close behind it. In telling everyone to wear blue in Indianapolis, apparently Bill Polian now has the weather working for him -- if you walk outside, you turn blue! Big weekend ahead. I'm going to see Wayne Newton tomorrow night, then of course the Big Game! Let's start the weekend off with some good chatting. You know the rules by now: injuries only, spelling counts, flattery works.

James (Findlay, Ohio): Hey Will! I keep hearing rumors that Halladay is still having trouble with the forearm. Any word?

Will Carroll: You have heard correctly. In his offseason workouts, Halladay has had some musclular tightness and that has to worry everyone. Forearm problems have become code for elbow injuries, but this, I'm told, is precisely the problem. He's cramping. Lets hope that's all it is and watch him in early spring training for any indicators of control problems.