FHL '05-06: Mock Draft writeups

ESPN.com's Fantasy Hockey correspondents do a great job updating users on what's going on with their teams. Their tireless efforts often get overlooked. This year we decided to reward them, giving them teams and asking them to hold a draft and tell us what they thought. The draft was so good, we're making it our FHL '05-06 Mock Draft (results here). Enjoy. And remember, correspondents are people, too.

Special thanks to all 10 correspondents who took time from their workday, Wednesday, Sept. 28, to draft, and especially Al Willig, the Ottawa Senators correspondent and Duncan Burns from the Vancouver Canucks, who organized things so we didn't have to. Check out all the work of our correspondents at this link and apply for current and future openings.

Correspondents Gather, Hilarity Ensues (Mock Draft Results)
By Al Willig