FHL: Mock Draft Analysis

After an off-season of high fiber diets and countless hours on the stationary bikes, the FHL correspondents are ready for another slap at the puck and a run at fantasy hockey supremacy.
This year's league (all returning except the last two teams):

Erick Hayden, Tampa Bay: AK Swing Assassins
Josh Bornstein, Philadelphia: The Orange and Black Attack
Ted Herbert, N.Y. Rangers: Stranger Blue
Al Willig, Ottawa: Flin Flon Fighting Tuques
Duncan Burns, Vancouver: EmoKid Killer
Mark Nickel, Nashville: Nashville Nickel Bags
Andrew Kang, Boston: Victoriaville Slapper #4
And last year's champion, Torre Tyson, St. Louis: St. Louis Still Blues
Dirk DeWester, Pittsburgh: Tek Jansens' Alpha Squad 7
Hanz Wasserburger, Columbus: Uncle Rico