Hockey News: Buy Low/Sell High

Is Brendan Shanahan in for a 97-point season? What about Chris Drury? Does 104 points sound about right for him?

We're now a month deep into the season and it is time for fantasy owners to evaluate the talent they have, as well as that of the opposition. Now is the best time to get the most for your assets or pick up some cheap new ones. Get as much as you can for your overachievers and grab a handful of underachievers in return. In the stock market, the obvious theory is to buy low and sell high. This mantra applies to fantasy hockey as well.

The following are some players who, if you own them, would be worthwhile shopping around and seeing if somebody would overpay you for them. Following that list are some underachievers who are likely going to turn things around. If you can pick one of them up, you should be rewarded come March.