FHL: Top 20 for Next Year

We're down to the final week-plus of the fantasy hockey season, right in the midst of your playoff races. But let's face it, those of you who have lasted this deep into the year, you know your studs, don't you? I can't stress it enough; don't over-think your lineup decisions, not at this important time of the year. There's a reason you've gotten this far, and it's because the guys you've been riding to this point are probably worth riding for two more weeks.

Today, though, it's the future that's got my attention. Us fantasy owners are always looking forward, forecasting today, tomorrow and next week ... And next season.

It's never too early to start looking forward to 2007-08, which is why today, I'm taking a look at my top 20 players for next season. These rankings are sure to change, mostly due to offseason moves, but here's how things would shape up today: