Our Super Bowl Pick

So I gave it away in the column and told you I liked the Cardinals to cover, whether they are 6.5-point underdogs or seven. But I didn't tell you why, and no one should ever bet just because they closed their eyes and picked. You need solid reasons to spend your hard earned money, and I'm going to give you some.

First, the price is inflated. One of the reasons Scooch didn't open the Steelers at minus-seven, and I didn't put this in the freebie column, is because he doesn't believe a team that relies on defense and doesn't score a lot of points merits being that big a favorite. "That is a lot of points for that kind of team," he says. And I believe him. If the Steelers aren't the favorite team in all the land, I don't think they give away more than four points. But, with bookmakers expecting a little public action on Pittsburgh when it's playing in the biggest game in the world, an extra three points isn't outrageous.

Second, I freaking love Kurt Warner. It's rare you see a quarterback who knows who he is, is comfortable with that and can live with it, no matter what the outcome of a game. On Tuesday night I had dinner with The Mag's EIC, Gary Belsky, who grew up in St. Louis during the Jim Hart era and is still a rabid Cards fan. He went to the game on Sunday and he emailed me afterwards that he was weeping tears of joy in the locker room. He later told me he was standing next to a naked Darnell Dockett while thumbing his Blackberry. He also mentioned that, when Warner took the podium for his post-game presser, he opened by saying essentially, I know you guys know I'm going to say this so let me just say it: I've got to thank the Almighty. Now what are your questions?