Chad's Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks

"King of the Props" Jay Kornegay, bookmaker at the Hilton, emailed me his entire prop sheet. All 22 legal-sized paper pages. Gotta say, the man is tireless. No wonder it's so hard for everyone in Vegas to keep up with his prop action.

Almost all of his props are money-line bets. For example, Kornegay put up this prop: Will both teams make 33-yard or longer field goals? The money line on "yes" for this bet is +170. For "no" it is -190. That means, if you think it will happen, you put down $100 to win $170. If you think it won't, put down $190 to win $100. Capiche? Good. Now as I scrolled through Kornegay's list, here were three props that, to me, have a good chance of paying out if you go with my advice.

1. Number of yards Willie Parker gained on his first rushing attempt in every game this year, over/under 3.5.