NASCAR: Different Winning Strategies

We're not gonna lie to you: we know there are other types of fantasy NASCAR leagues out there. And while we're pretty sure ours is the best salary-cap game in existence, we also know variety is the spice of life. Heck, even Joel Zumaya throws a changeup every once in a while, right? So while you really should dig into Scott Engel's article about how to dominate your ESPN league, we're also proud to bring you some tips and tricks in case you want to enter another kind of league, too. So pull those safety belts tight, double that demitasse of Skoal between your cheek and gum, and dig in, 'cuz we're gonna help you win no matter where you play.

Limited-Starts Leagues

Other than the salary-cap flavor of fantasy NASCAR, limited-starts leagues may be the most popular on the Internet, thanks in part to a free game offered by a Web-site-we-shall-not-mention-but-rhymes-with-Glahoo! Tens of thousands of entrants stick to this format like glue, and have a great time doing it. It's fun.