Wanderers coach and player cited by FFA

Western Sydney coach Markus Babbel and defender Daniel Georgievski have been issued show cause notices under the FFA National Code of Conduct for incidents following the Wanderers' home loss to Melbourne City last Friday.

Babbel was cited for comments he made at his post match press conference following the 3-2 A-League defeat.

Full back Georgievski was cited for a social media post.

Both are believed to be related to a contentious penalty awarded to City.

Babbel took exception to a couple of questions about the penalty, which was given by referee Chris Beath after Wanderers' midfielder Pirmin Schwegler was ruled to have pushed Denis Genreau in the box in the second half.

Asked if he thought it was a penalty, Babbel said: "Is this a serious question? Serious question? F***'s sake. No comment."

Pressed further on whether he thought Genreau dived, Babbel said: "You have two eyes. Do you understand the game a bit? F***ing have a look."

Full back Georgievski posted a picture, which may have been taken just after the penalty was awarded, with Beath shown in front of some players with the word "disgraced" superimposed on top.

Both Babbel and Georgievski have an opportunity to provide a submission by 5pm (AEDT) on Monday, 2 December 2019.

Among the sanctions applicable for a Code of Conduct breach are a reprimand, a fine and/or suspension from participation in a match or matches.