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Owens Homeless


By lvadaman17
Terrell Owens is not retiring with a star on his helmet. Owens, known as a "trouble maker", was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Wensday March 4th and will now begin his search for a new team. Unfortunately who is going to want Owens? The receiver is known to have many public problems and also creates unrest in the locker room which makes him a high risk to sign to your roster. Also, the pro-bowl receiver is getting near the end of his career so just how productive will he be? Where will Owens land, here are some predictions of where he could, and wont end up. See where Ivadaman17 thinks T.O. will end up.

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason (As of March 4, 09)


By EagleNation05
As an Eagles fan I am *_+OVERLY*_+ disgusted in the way the Eagles front office has handled a number of players, situations, and they've done no worse to franchise QB Donovan McNabb.

Being that he is my favorite player, and im sure the favorite of MANY other Philadelphia Eagle fans, It is quite surprising to me, that Phily is not only attempting, but in fact, trying to aggrevate McNabb to the point of no return. ... Read full post!

What a great trade!(NOT!)


By bradyrules679
WOW,that's what I said to myself when I was watching Sportscenter yesterday and I saw the BREAKING NEWS bar at the bottom of the screen "Matt Cassel has been traded to the Chiefs for a second round pick".I couldn't believe it.Two days,two Patriots players gone.And to the Chiefs.Then I was even more surprised when I heard that the Cassel deal was the same deal as the Mike Vrabel deal.For a Second-Rounder.I wouldn't of been as surprised if Cassel got traded for a first round pick,but not a SECOND ROUND PICK! Check out bradyrules697's thoughts on Vrabel.

Bengals in 2009


By korix11
Last year the Bengals had a bad season because of Carson Palmers injury and the bad motivation of the teams mantality of playing football.The Bengals didnt even try to win games because they drop the football or they keep Ryan Fitzpatrick playing when he kept the team losing games, he gets sacked, and he throws interceptions.All those games the Bengals could of won if they would of kept Ryan Fitzpatrick the field and if they have gave more practice for Jordan Palmer then maybe they could of used him to win those games that we have lost, but the good thing was when we signed Cedrick Benson
How do you think the Bengals will do in 2009?

Cutler heading to "The Forest City"?


By Cheeseof4
The question i asked myself this morning was how would Mr. Cutler end up in a city like Cleveland. Would he not perform as well as he had against the AFC West with not so good defenses as almost half his schedule. We know he can perform against good teams the question is could he do it constantly the whole season. The answer is very mixed in the fact that yes he would do good but his numbers would go down a great deal. I think that him as a Cleveland quarterback is a great improvement over they're hopeful lineup filled with a guy that had a breakout year that broke down the next, a guy that the Browns thought would solve all they're problems, and a really old guy that nobody quite remembers. Any quarterback would be a good solution for them, well any relevant quarterback. Lets get down to both sides.
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Brown's Town vol. 2


By Brian-Brown
So it's Friday morning and I am getting ready for school. I've done everything that I have needed to except for the MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!!!! (Besides hygiene of course.) I MUST turn on my radio EVERY MORNING and listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning. (I don't like watching it on TV for some strange reason.) I can always catch SportsCenter during lunch but I must listen to Mike and Mike. So I'm listening to the show and it's having one of its SportsCenter breaks. Then, all of a sudden, I heard the most shocking news ever. Albert Haynesworth had signed with the Washington Redskins. I wanted to cry. As a fan of the Titans and being from Nashville, I have seen the dude play. The dude is amazing and for him to just leave like he did, it hurt my feelings. I hope he and the Redskins go 5-11. ... Keep reading


magnolia daredevils

By magnolia daredevils
Are you a Colts fan? Become friends with magnolia daredevils!

NCAA Football

Georgia Bulldogs Spring Thoughts


By blaseleverett
Spring practice is closing near and the bulldog nation has it's doubts with the depature of Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford. It was only a year ago when everybody was for certain that the 2008 season was going to be marvelous. The bulldogs had to much pressure on their shoulders and could not live up to the college football's expectations. Read more ... and weigh in!

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