Keith Law on baseball's top prospects 

July, 12, 2012

Who are baseball's best prospects who are still wearing minor league uniforms? ESPN Insider Keith Law has released an updated list of his top 50 prospects and joins Nate Ravitz to share his thoughts on the players who are ready to make an impact in the majors.

Law discusses why some players, like his No. 1 Jurickson Profar, may have to wait for their team to make a big decision before getting called up. He also compares Billy Hamilton's speed to the rest of the players in baseball and explains why Nolan Arenado is no longer in his top 50.

Other topics include:

• Setting expectations for fans as they start to hear names of prospects attached to trade rumors. Law explains the difference between the truly elite prospects and the very good ones. He unofficially draws the line somewhere between No. 15 and No. 20.

• Why Zach Wheeler is a borderline elite prospect for the Mets and Matt Harvey isn't at that level.

• Oscar Taveras has steadily and significantly moved up Law's rankings from the preseason top 100 (53) to the late-May top 25 (21) to now (top 10). Law talks about what specific questions Taveras has answered in that time. Looking at the opposite side of the same coin, Jacob Turner has steadily declined in Keith's rankings. Is he now "just a guy" or is that unfair to someone so young?

• Law gives his perspective on the Orioles' decision to prevent Dylan Bundy from throwing his cutter.

• The reasons why Law is no longer as confident in the ceilings of Shelby Miller and Julio Teheran.

• Nick Castellanos' advanced approach at the plate and its impact on Law's rankings.

• How Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa performed in their Gulf Coast League debuts.

• The idea that Yankees/Red Sox prospects tend to be overhyped, but that seems not to be the case with center fielders Mason Williams (NYY) and Jackie Bradley (BOS).

• Is Mike Olt being overhyped? Does Law believe he's better than a league-average third baseman?