SEC Picks and Predictions 

August, 16, 2012

How will LSU replace Tyrann Matthieu? According to ESPN Insider KC Joyner, it might be relatively easy … except when compensating for one key statistic. Joyner and Chris Sprow discuss the future of LSU and who else in the SEC is poised for a big season.

Sprow and Joyner predict what teams will come out on top of the SEC, explain South Carolina's offensive highs and lows and argue that Tennessee is an elite team in the conference that has true talent entering the season.

Other topics include:

• Why Matthieu is very replaceable and how LSU's title hopes can remain relatively unchanged.

• What players on LSU can fill the defensive void and who are the next stars on the team.

• How much has South Carolina has improved with the return of Marcus Lattimore? What are Lattimore's weaknesses and what mistakes did he make in the past have prevented him from being as productive? Is he still growing as a player?

• Connor Shaw's ability to run can and will change the typical Steve Spurrier offense.

• Why Joyner is not buying the hype surrounding Georgia's Aaron Murray.

• Tyler Bray has incredible potential, but must overcome some obstacles for Tennessee to succeed.

• Joyner and Sprow make some SEC predictions.