The future of the NBA's D-League 

October, 2, 2012

What if the NBA had a complete farm system like Major League Baseball where each team had its own "minor league" squad? Would it be financially viable and successful in the eyes of the game's fans? ESPN Insiders Tom Haberstroh, Neil Paine, Larry Coon and Bradford Doolittle speak to the President of the D-League, Dan Reed, about the relationship of the NBA and the D-league going forward.

Other topics include:

• Is expansion of the D-League in the plans? Does the business model work?

• What is the goal of the D-League today and in five years?

• Is the talent level strong enough that the D-League players can achieve success in the NBA?

• Who is the D-League's most recent success story? Will there be more?

• What needs to fundamentally change in the D-League?

• The bench or the D-league? What would (or should) players prefer?

• Is there enough talent to fill a 30-team league?

• How big an obstacle is the pay structure?

• How is the NBA encouraging players to want to go to the D-League?

• Should the D-League go more towards the Independent League view in baseball where players in the farm system can go from team to team with no true affiliation?

• Are there any rules or changes being tested in the D-League that will be implemented in the NBA?