The state of the NFL's running game 

October, 5, 2012

Let's face it, the running game in the NFL this season is far from dominant. ESPN Insider KC Joyner says that trouble on the offensive line has restricted the game's best playmakers from performing optimally during the first few weeks, but that those trends may be changing. Joyner is joined by Cary Chow to break down the winners and losers in the rushing game and what teams are poised for improvement.

Other topics include:

• What prevents an offensive line from reaching its potential?

• Is Chris Johnson ready to turn it around?

• Joyner offers his reaction of the running efforts in the Arizona versus St. Louis game on Thursday night. What team's efforts was an anomaly?

• Pittsburgh's run game has been a problem, but why is Joyner still extremely high on the team's potential?

• How are opposing defenses approaching Cam Newton in 2012?

• Why are the Patriots built to run successfully this season?

• Why are the Houston Texans in a class of its own when it comes to rushing?

• Can the Miami Dolphins find the right fit for their running game? Why does it seem that Daniel Thomas won't have the leading role in the future?

• What can the Saints do to turn their season around? Can Mark Ingram succeed in the NFL?

• Joyner and Chow make bold predictions about Week 5 and some players, like Cam Newton, who might not shine this week.