Teams finding solutions in the NFL 

October, 12, 2012

It's been a surprising start to the NFL season for some of the teams picked to dominate their competition. The Steelers, coming off a tough loss to Tennessee, are faced with injury troubles. The Lions are trying to cope with Matthew Stafford's troublesome decision making. The Eagles are getting better and have a big opportunity over the next few weeks. K.C. Joyner and Cary Chow discuss the underlying statistics and trends in the NFL and try to separate what teams are truly for real this season.

Other topics include:

• How can the Steelers recover from last night's injuries? Will they make the playoffs?

• How will the Eagles turn things around given their weak offensive line? Can Andy Reid's offensive scheme really shine given who he has active week-to-week?

• Eagles versus Lions: Will Vick pass on the Lions secondary?

• Is Stafford making too many mental errors this season? Why is Detroit really a 6-10 team?

• How have injuries affected the Packers? What have the Packers done wrong with their running game this season?

• The Colts upcoming schedule is very favorable, but can they make the playoffs?

• What makes Andrew Luck stand out after only five weeks in the NFL?

• K.C. and Cary make some bold Week 6 predictions.