Reflecting on Beano and the Big Board 

October, 12, 2012

"Nobody past, future, present loved college football more than Beano did."

In this edition of Insider Premium Audio, Mel Kiper and Chris Sprow first reminisce about Beano Cook and his legacy. Kiper talks about his daily conversations with Cook, the ways he learned from Cook as a person and how nobody will ever love the game more than him.

The talk then turns to Geno Smith's rise into the top 10 of the Big Board and some other players who are starting to create a very strong 2013 draft class.

Other topics include:

• Is Geno Smith, now at No. 7, going to keep moving up after a tough matchup against Texas Tech this weekend?

• What does Texas need to do in order to fix its defense? What did West Virginia do well last weekend?

• Kiper explains specifically why evaluating quarterbacks isn't easy. He says, "you hope you hit" when making predictions on future QB success. Who did he hit and miss on?

• The biggest game to watch from a scouting perspective this weekend is South Carolina versus LSU.

• If South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney was in the 2013 draft, Kiper said he'd go No. 1.

• Will this be the week LSU's offense finds another gear?

• Notre Dame versus Stanford: Which defense will shine?