An eye on quarterbacks 

October, 19, 2012

The Big Board didn't offer too many changes this week, but that doesn't mean that Mel Kiper Jr. didn't see some rising stars in the world of college football after last week's games. Kiper argues that one game shouldn't dictate a ranking and at this point in the season, you have to keep a firm hold on the big picture.

In this edition of Insider Premium Audio, Mel Kiper and Chris Sprow talk about the players who could move up and down on the big board, plus with using some players as examples, they argue the specifics of what differentiates a Heisman candidate from those at the top of the Big Board.

Other topics include:

• Is the evaluation of quarterbacks becoming easier? How does Kiper evaluate this year's QB class and how are the rookie quarterbacks in the NFL handling themselves so far?

• Texas A&M's Damontre Moore is a complete player, says Kiper, but what are his real edges?

• Did Geno Smith's off weak hurt his value? Can West Virginia's defense improve?

• Is Braxton Miller capable of being a NFL quarterback?

• Oregon's De'Anthony Thomas isn't eligible for the draft yet, but Kiper calls him a "touchdown maker" and is someone to keep an eye on moving forward.

• Kiper and Sprow discuss the biggest games of the week: Alabama versus Tennessee (Kiper has questions about the Alabama's defense), Texas A&M versus LSU (Can Damontre Moore be disruptive?), South Carolina versus Florida (How will Marcus Lattimore's injury change the tone of the game?)

• Kiper rants about the SEC and why the teams in the conference deserve the most respect.