What teams should panic after six weeks? 

October, 19, 2012

As fans, sometimes we like to panic after our teams aren't producing to our expectations. Sometimes that panic is justified while other times, we're just frustrated a little too quickly. What teams should and should not be in panic mode after six weeks of the NFL season? K.C. Joyner and Cary Chow evaluate some teams that, despite their records, are still on track, and others that may need to start making major adjustments.

Other topics include:

• How has Michael Vick performed this season? Are his wide receivers helping or hurting him?

• The Steelers have favorable matchups coming up, but has it been play calling that has restricted their offense right now?

• How did Mendenhall's return help out Isaac Redman?

• What factors will help the Chargers overcome their collapse on Monday night?

• Is Philip Rivers on a permanent decline? Can he get better with his current wide receivers?

• Why Robert Meachem hasn't been able to fill Vincent Jackson's shoes in San Diego.

• Joyner explains why the Patriots struggled against Seattle and why they have a very positive outlook for the rest of the season.

• What is wrong with the Jacksonville Jaguars? Is motivation a problem with Justin Blackmon?

• Can Tebow help the Jets win?

• Are the Panthers going to turn things around? Is Cam Newton a true leader that the team can rally behind?

• Joyner and Chow make some bold Week 7 predictions.