Manziel no Heisman, but Peterson the MVP 

November, 13, 2012

The chase for the Heisman continues and Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel has moved up ESPN Insider's K.C. Joyner's list after his performance against Alabama, but still falls short to Collin Klein. In the latest Insider Premium Audio "Blindsided" podcast, Joyner and Cary Chow discuss the top players in college football, the troubles for Cam Newton and Eli Manning and Adrian Peterson's recovery and MVP candidacy in the NFL.

Other topics include:

• Why did Alabama fall apart against Texas A&M? What adjustments should've been made during the game?

• What does Joyner see from the tape that proves Adrian Peterson is doing differently over the past few weeks compared to earlier this season? Is he the MVP?

• Is Cam Newton a first-round bust at this point? What has limited his progress in the NFL?

• Victor Cruz's metrics scream mediocrity, but is that the reason for the New York Giants offensive disappointment?

• Eli Manning's struggles are evident. Can he overcome them?

• What one factor is going to hold the Seattle Seahawks back from the Super Bowl?

• Joyner makes a bold prediction about UCLA.