Championship Weekend Preview 

November, 29, 2012

There's only one more weekend of college football action before the bowl games and KC Joyner and Cary Chow review the tape and explain which teams will be one step closer to a major bowl bid at the end of Saturday's games. Joyner argues that there are a few teams capable of pulling off upsets and also highlights the state of coaching right now in the NCAA.

Other topics include:

• Georgia Tech could go to a BCS game at 7-6. What can college football do in the future in order to avoid situations like this.

• Did UCLA intentionally hold back their best last week?

• Why will Wisconsin match up better against Nebraska than many expect? What are Montee Ball's future prospects? Can he make an impact at the NFL level?

• Why has the reputation of the Big Ten this season kept their team's further down in the rankings? Is that argument valid? Where should Ohio State really be ranked?

• Ameer Abdullah deserves more time in the spotlight. What has prevented that from happening this season?

• KC explains why Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin should be the most coveted coach in all of college football.

• Blindsided pick of the week: Georgia over Alabama.

• Has the bar for the Heisman been lowered? Is it a lock for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel?