A look at Week 15 in the NFL 

December, 14, 2012

It's going to be a huge week in the NFL and on the most recent Insider Audio podcast, KC Joyner and Cary Chow evaluate the great lineup of games and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of playoff-bound teams. Who has the right offensive lines to match up with their prospective opponents? What secondaries are capable of holding up against all offenses? Joyner details what he sees on tape and what we can expect moving forward this season.

Other topics include:

• How were the Patriots able to dominate the Texans?

• What does the Texans secondary need to change in order to succeed in the playoffs?

• Why does KC feel the Falcons aren't prepared for a deep run? Among the many reasons, the running game is missing one key element.

• Jake Locker is preventing Chris Johnson's success. Can he be a successful NFL quarterback?

• Joyner says the Jets can make the playoffs, but their key to success relies on their run blocking.

• Christian Ponder has the ability to adapt and can be a top-15 quarterback in the future. What limits him right now? Do the Vikings have any vertical threat at this point? Who can they target for next year?

• Flacco trying to make an argument he can't back up. Joyner says he isn't an elite quarterback and uses metrics to explain why.

• Joyner predicts the Browns defeat the Redskins this weekend, even if RG III plays.