The MVP argument and emerging stars 

December, 21, 2012

Is Matt Ryan the NFL's Most Valuable Player over Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning? What Dallas Cowboys team will show up this week? KC Joyner and Cary Chow break down the NFL and make predictions for a key week as teams chase for the final playoff spots.

Other topics include:

• Matt Ryan's lack of playoff success isn't a viable reason to take him out of the MVP equation. What will it take to turn the general perception around?

• Is Ryan a better fourth-quarter quarterback than Eli Manning?

• How do teams game plan for the Falcons? Are other teams intimidated by Ryan or simply his receivers? Does he have the same clout as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

• Cary argues that Adrian Peterson is truly doing more for his team than Ryan and is more deserving of the MVP. KC counters that when looking at the whole season, Peterson didn't help his cause early on.

• Should voters weigh the idea of success after returning from injury as they submit their MVP ballot?

• Joyner explains that it may have taken 15 weeks, but the tape finally is backing up Russell Wilson's reputation.

• The Cowboys don't play to their talent level and Joyner says they could adjust their running strategy for better results. He also explains why if their final two matchups (Saints, Redskins) were to take place during weeks 10 and 11, they would've been more likely to win.

• Blindsided hit of the week: Bengals over Steelers.

• Joyner makes the argument that A.J. Green is the best wide receiver in the game right now.