Rookie QBs and trouble for the 49ers 

December, 27, 2012

Who is the best rookie quarterback? Is it Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson or RG III? On this week's Blindsided podcast, KC Joyner and Cary Chow react to the tape, evaluate the talent of the three emerging stars and debate the long-term success of the breakout trio. They also argue that the 49ers have a major problem heading into the playoffs and Tim Tebow may not have a bright future in Jacksonville.

Other topics include:

• Joyner offers that Russell Wilson may be approaching the elite-quarterback tier … but he isn't the Rookie of the Year.

• Andrew Luck's bad decision rate is at an unacceptable level of 3 percent, meaning that he is taking too many risks. Is it a result of the Colts' offensive scheme?

• How has the Washington coaching staff worked around RG III's weaknesses?

• Joyner compares RG III to Cam Newton. Will both have the same career growth?

• Which has helped the rookie quarterbacks more: the running game in Washington or the passing game in Indianapolis?

• The Redskins defensive success isn't sustainable and Joyner expects that their weaker secondary will eventually lead to their elimination in the playoffs.

• What happened to San Francisco? Joyner believes a weakness among the offensive line is the basis of their struggles.

• Can Tebow be successful in Jacksonville? What do the Jaguars need to try if this "tryout" is to work? Is this Tebow's last shot?

• Blindsided hit of the week: The Colts defeat the Texans.