Breaking down the baseball dynasty draft 

January, 22, 2013

If you were to build a fantasy baseball team from scratch, how would you craft a roster? Would you target youth and hope for continued success or put the focus on winning now and draft the studs you know will produce in 2013?

Ten of ESPN's most dedicated baseball minds participated in a 10-team dynasty draft and two of the participants, David Schoenfield of the Sweetspot blog and Tristan H. Cockcroft of ESPN Fantasy, the first 200 picks and discuss the picks and teams destined for success.

Topics include:

• Why Mike Trout is the obvious first pick for a dynasty draft and whether the remainder of the first round played out the way both believed it would.

• Cockcroft argues that Braun, with his strong batting average, would be his pick in a one-year fantasy draft this year over Trout.

• Was Bryce Harper the right choice at No. 3?

• Why, entering the 2013 season, there's a ceiling for Giancarlo Stanton and Andrew McCutchen.

• Projecting Justin Upton is more difficult than ever.

• No pitcher was selected during the first two rounds. Was this the right approach?

• Schoenfield asks Cockcroft to defend his picks, and Cockcroft admits to making a mistake when choosing Anthony Rizzo.

• Considering depth, waiting for second base is not an option in these drafts.

• Why Jason Heyward was a smart pick in the second round.

Max Scherzer in the 10th was one of the most surprising picks during the draft.

• Cockcroft argues that Schoenfield made a mistake with Manny Machado in the fourth round.

• What pitchers does Schoenfield consider the steals of the draft?

• Trading on prospect hype can be a strong strategy in dynasty leagues.

• Cockcroft believes Matthew Berry and Pierre Becquey had the most interesting drafts.

• What are some potential dynasty draft strategies?

• Who are some of the players still on the board that both will target moving forward.