The fading stigma of sports betting 

October, 7, 2011

The other day on, David Purdum wrote an interesting column about dropping his pen name. For years he had been writing in the closet, uncomfortable having his real identity attached to a gambling column because of the stigma associated with the practice. Sports betting is illicit, scary and the province of dark characters existing in dirty corners. While that might be true, as he and I discussed before the piece was posted, it's also become much more socially acceptable the past 20 years. Thanks to a proliferation of all forms of gambling in every state as well as the ever-increasing use of Internet betting sites, some of the stain associated with sports wagering has faded. I'm reminded of it every day in emails I receive and conversations I have with readers.

Let me give you an example from last night, but you'll have to take a drive with me to get there.