Vegas College Football Rankings 

November, 7, 2011

Each week a select number of bookmakers and handicappers provide with their private power rankings. These are the numbers that drive point spreads and betting decisions that influence numbers worldwide. The Vegas Rankings are meant to show what the pros truly think of a team. They're broken down into four categories:

TRUE POWER tells how good Vegas thinks a team really is. This is based on a number from 1-100.
HOME-FIELD ADVANTAGE gives how many points the pros think home-field advantage is actually worth for each team.
BETTOR BIAS tells by how many points the public overvalues (positive numbers) or undervalues (negative numbers) a team.
POINT-SPREAD POWER is the combination of True Power and Bettor Bias. It includes Home-Field Advantage to project which team Vegas would favor in any game.

If you're looking to calculate the final score of a matchup, take True Power (home team), add Home-Field Advantage and subtract True Power (away team). The point of the rankings is to give a little more insight into how those in Vegas think, which is almost always different than the way the public sees things.

Here are the Vegas college football rankings: