Monday Night Chaser: Bears vs. Eagles 

November, 7, 2011

Thank God for the great power outage of 2011. Thank God I haven't had electricity in my house for the past eight days and that my kids have been nomads and that I had to drop a ridiculous amount of money so my whole family and I could stay in a hotel 10 minutes from our house this weekend (my fourth night sleeping in a different place over four straight nights).

The room service here was swell. The banana split I shared with my 8-year-old blew his mind, and the indoor pool was great for an afternoon to wear out the kids. And for all that, I am thankful we had a blackout. No, I'm not talking about the family time. Get over your sappy self. As I wrote on Friday, I was bummed about the more than weeklong power outage in central Connecticut because it meant I would not be plopped on my couch on Sunday watching the Red Zone channel. That's exactly what happened. For that I am thankful.

Confused by my contrarian logic? Let me explain.

If I had been home, my TV might no longer be hanging from the wall. Because, while spending a lovely day with my family, I completely forgot that I had the Rams plus-3.5 in the Hilton SuperContest. This is the kind of game that drives people out of the picking business. Rams as 'dogs was the right side. Sam Bradford was healthy. Brandon Lloyd gave him the best weapon he's had on the edge. Steven Jackson is just plain pissed. Meanwhile, the Cards were playing John Skelton. To be winning the whole game and then lose on a blocked field goal-OT punt return for a touchdown is a lights-out double whammy, akin to a freak October Nor'easter.

Those are the kinds of games that make you put money on a "Monday Night Football" game to make up for it. And we'll get to the Chaser breakdown. But one other thing I wanted to point out was that we are halfway through the season now. Which means it's a good time to check in on how some teams are faring against their season win total lines.