NFL Week 10 line moves 

November, 11, 2011

A few weeks ago we published a story in ESPN The Magazine about how maddening the San Diego Chargers are. A team with so much talent, arguably as much talent at the skill positions the past decade as any other in football, that is so dadgummed frustrating to watch.

Consider what head coach Jim Harbaugh is doing with the San Francisco 49ers, a team largely made up of the same personnel Mike Singletary had. With Singletary the 49ers were undisciplined, lacked focus and inconsistent. With Harbaugh they are 7-1 and headed for a division crown. Put Harbaugh in charge of the Chargers, and this team would be the New England Patriots for the next decade.

Watch the "surfer boys" play, and you understand why there is one coach who is so bad that he actually costs his team a power rating point when wiseguys make their rankings -- Norv Turner. There is not another coach in the league whose team is downgraded specifically because of him. Coaches, largely, don't matter when it comes to handicapping, no matter whether it's college or pro.