Monday Night Chaser: Chiefs vs. Patriots 

November, 21, 2011

On Saturday morning I heard my 5-year-old ask my wife: "Mom, can you please bring me my coffee and the iPad?" Relax, it was decaf, and it was hers. He just wanted a sip. But for a second, I did feel like I was living with my parents again.

Fortunately, by Sunday morning, he was back to making statements like this: "Today I am going to head-butt anything that is red." Then he ran head-first into a picture of Superman he had drawn that was taped to a wall.

And that may have been the last normal thing that happened Sunday -- at least to me and most gamblers around the country. All of us were feeling a little off-kilter, too. Consider these circumstances: The Atlanta Falcons spent most of Sunday with a double-digit lead against the Tennessee Titans, in a game that saw Jake Locker get extended junk time after Matt Hasselbeck hurt his elbow, yet the game ended 23-17. The closing number was Falcons minus-6 and the opener was minus-6.5, meaning the folks who comprised the 71 percent of bets put on Atlanta were disappointed.

Or consider the Cowboys-Redskins game. The sharps liked the Skins plus-7 in this game but the public favored Dallas (73 percent of bets were on the Boys). It was Rex Grossman, benched already once this season, who threw the kind of pass that falls from the sky like a smart bomb with the receiver's number etched on the side, tying the game with seconds left. The Skins would eventually lose in OT, but most bettors had already lost after that TD.

Or how about the Carolina Panthers tying the game as seven-point dogs with less than five minutes left, and then losing by 14? I had a buddy over at my house watching the games and he was suffering from so much bet sweat I thought he was going to need an IV. "It's like the end of the NCAA tournament," he said. "Every game is coming down to the wire."

He was right. Nine of the 12 day games went into the Green Zone -- meaning either team was one score away from covering -- late in the fourth quarter. Five of those instances went against the majority of bets.

That means, all together now, somebody is doing some chasing tonight.

Matchup: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots