NFL Week 14 line moves 

December, 9, 2011

I've been covering the sports betting world for a few years now, and you know what I still get a kick out of? Being on the phone with a guy, bookmaker or wiseguy, when he's just made or is about to make a move.

It happened Thursday night, when I was talking to Todd Fuhrman from Caesars sports book. The rumors about Chris Paul being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers were swirling and, only moments before we spoke, he had moved the odds on the Lakers' futures from 7-2 to 9-5 (the NBA vetoed the trade, but the teams involved are appealing). But that move led to a chat about how Caesars is compensating in the wake of the lockout. "It's not too bad for us," Fuhrman told me. "We get a majority of our action on NBA come playoffs. But we did add some new bets to the board to entice players."