Super Bowl XLVI money-line moves 

February, 3, 2012

Ahh, the Super Bowl. It means morning shows spending days in a plaza away from home and presidents using the national holiday to give big sit-down interviews.

Now, lest we forget how big, huge and important this game is to the gambling world, consider this stat: According to a survey done by the company Poll Position, at least 25 million Americans will gamble on the Super Bowl.

(Truth be told, I have never heard of Poll Position and don't know anything about its methods, except that it claims to have surveyed more than 1,100 people to come up with that number. But I am going to use the results because they serve my purpose. Welcome to high-level argument manipulation, ladies and gents.)

It's easy to see how that number of bettors spirals out of control, especially when nuns in St. Louis are playing Super Bowl boxes. A truer indication of how impactful this game can be is in the expectations of Vegas. It's been four years since the total handle on the game bet at Nevada sports books topped $90 million. And that was back in 2008, the last time these two teams played.