To bet the battered Preakness? 

May, 17, 2012

They say the Kentucky Derby drew more bets this year than any other in its 138-year history. That's $133.1 million in handle, with $12.3 million of that from the also-record crowd of 165,000 people at the track. It's hard not to get jazzed about the Derby, whether or not you like hats or juleps or bugles (clearly the first Saturday in May is some kind of fetishist's dream come true). Horses are majestic and elegant at the same time, a feat that can be achieved only by a large animal carrying a small man and running with all four feet off the ground. It is truly a shame that the sport is dying, that the horses are dying, that the premium cable network show about horses has died, all seemingly for the same reason: neglect, in some form or another.