NFL Week 2 line moves 

September, 14, 2012

It occurred to me as I was watching Andrew Siciliano on the Red Zone channel last Sunday. (Quick aside, someone get that guy a gig hosting the Emmys or Oscars or Webbys. He is so good on his feet and so smooth transitioning, with just the right clever quip to pull us behind the curtain. It's quite impressive).

Anyway, I had just watched the Minnesota Vikings, who I had picked as 4.5-point favorites over the Jacksonville Jaguars, give up a five-point lead with 27 seconds left on a Blaine Gabbert miracle pass. How much of a miracle? Well, it was a downfield pass thrown by Blaine Gabbert that had an actual arc and traveled more than five yards. But, even then, the 39-yard ball wobbled like an old man's under chin, spinning the receiver completely around, who made a falling grab as he hit the pylon.

Bad throw, bad coverage, bad beat. Or so I thought.

After the Jags converted the two-point attempt to go up by three, Christian Ponder needed only two passes and 10 seconds to get the Vikes into tying field goal range. And yes, if you are trying to enjoy your Sunday of football by relying on Christian Ponder over Blaine Gabbert (or Russell Wilson over John Skelton) then you, my friend, are a bona fide skel. Seriously re-evaluate. I know I did.

But that wasn't until later. Because after the Vikes tied it I heard the silky smooth Siciliano utter these timely words. (Truly, the man is in touch with his viewers). "Don't forget, the playoff OT rules from last season now apply to the regular season."