Week 5 line moves, Millman Rankings 

October, 5, 2012

It's Week 2 of the revolution. And by that, I mean the second week since I unleashed the Millman Rankings on the world. For those of you foolish enough to have missed last week's column; for those of you who missed my not-at-all-obnoxious promotion of the column on Twitter; for those who somehow ignored my blatant self-promotion of the Millman Rankings on the newly named "SVP & Russillo" show, here is a reminder of what these trademarked rankings are:

A list, from 1-50, of the NFL players who are worth the most value toward the point spread. I call the metric that is the foundation for the Millman Rankings the Point Spread Value Above Replacement (PSVAR). I am, of course, inspired by the great debate over who will win the AL MVP -- WAR god Mike Trout or humdrum Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. The premise is that elite players in the league have a value when it comes to the point spread. Some are worth 10 points (the top QBs) some are worth two points (think shutdown cornerbacks). And their PSVAR is calculated by not just their value to the team, but by how much more valuable they are than the guy playing behind them.

Makes sense, right?