Week 12's key NFL line moves  

November, 22, 2012

I choose to be positive, to see the bright side of life. To not get down about the bad beats or the crappy calls or the momentum shifts or the time I moved my seat on the couch and ruined the flow or how I have mostly ignored my kids since September so I could sweat some game being played in Cincinnati.

Instead, I remember the time that replacement ref totally did me a solid in Seattle. Remember that fine moment, the one in which every bit of karma you had stored over the years was deposited in the corner of an end zone. And I remember how, just a few weeks later, that same Seattle team, that same Seahawks quarterback, dropped a rainbow of a pass into Sidney Rice's hands to give me another gift against the New England Patriots.

These moments happen a lot throughout the season, more than I care to admit. Certainly more than any of us remember when compared with the bad times. But think about this past weekend.

There were the Green Bay Packers, who had no business covering a 3.5-point spread against the Detroit Lions, in a game they trailed by six with eight minutes left, but kicked a field goal to clinch a 24-20 win in the final seconds. There were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, scoring a last-second touchdown, converting a two-point attempt and then winning in OT to cover a one-point spread. And, of course, there's every bettor's favorite team, the San Diego Chargers. Down 14 as 7.5-point 'dogs with three minutes left, the Chargers got that garbage-time touchdown to lose by seven.

Gifts. Thanks.

Here are some more, in time for the prime-time event Thursday night, courtesy of Vegas veteran Bryan Leonard. And don't forget the Millman Rankings (using PSVAR -- point spread value above replacement) at the bottom of the blog.

New England Patriots at New York Jets