Championship weekend line moves 

January, 13, 2013

"Life moves pretty fast," my buddy Ferris once said. He was right. And this was back in high school, when the digital rage was all about watches. Nowadays it moves in less time than it takes the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks to give up NFL playoff wins.

Let me give you an example: On Sunday afternoon, in the window between the Atlanta Falcons' improbable win (which superseded the Seahawks' almost-miracle win) and the beginning of the Texans-Pats game, I had to drive a carpool for my 6-year-old son. The moment the game ended I typed in an obligatory, phenomenally clever tweet (Seattle covers! Seattle covers! Seattle covers!) and then jumped in the car to do some dad duty. I was back in 10 minutes, before the second game kicked off, or a little bit faster than it takes Danieal Manning to return a kickoff. In that time sports books around the world -- from Vegas to the Islands -- had posted a number on the NFC title game and a consensus opinion had already formed and the line had already moved half a point off of a key number.

What gives, people? Why so anxious?

"We opened at three right as the game ended," Jeff Sherman of the Las Vegas Hotel told me on Sunday night, moments after the Patriots had ended the Texans' season. "And almost immediately we went to minus-3.5."